Twisted Affair Vol. 1 by M.S. Parker

I got a copy of the first Volume of Twisted Affair today by M.S. Parker and I must say that I love her work there really hasn’t been anything that she has written that I have not enjoyed. This novella really took me by surprise there were so many twists and turns and it really left me hanging in the end so Im glad it wasn’t a stand alone 🙂 The book is about a rich playboy or bad-boy if you will Blayne Westmore who really is for all intents and purposes a brat that spends all of his inheritance on drugs, alcohol and strip clubs. So already a great story right! Well our resident bad-boy really messes up and gets into some trouble and daddy dearest decides he is going to give him an ultimatum either straighten up get a job and get married in the next six months or your cut off. Well of course daddy wants him to marry a business partners daughter and well we both know that can’t happen because there is no way our bad-boy is going to make daddy’s life easy at all. But don’t fret he ends up making a deal with the former model Livie Dusek who is a Czech Republic native immigrating to the US with her sister to live the American Dream. Livie and Blayne end up married under the condition that they must stay married for 3 years and he cannot be a bad boy no cheating on his wife (daddy’s orders) and Livie adds the stipulation no sex. Long story short our bad-boy ends up in the sack with his wife and we are left hanging because she cannot remember a thing. I am sure we have all been there a time or two 🙂 This really is a great story I am incredibly interested to see how it progresses. Don’t waste anymore time I left a ton out! Go pick it up and get to reading let me know what you think! Enjoy and talk to you soon!