Fat Vampire Series: By Johnny B. Truant

When I downloaded this series I was not expecting it to be as entertaining as it was. The Fat Vampire series was honestly refreshing and really unexpected. The series is about just what the title says a Fat Vampire, the star of the series is Reginald who has spent most of his life as an outcast because of his weight he is around 6ft tall and weighs 350. The story begins with him at work and introduces us to some of the characters that he works with. Johnny B. Truant does a great job creating the setting you can really picture it in your mind and his work setting honestly reminded me of Office Space which I absolutely loved!

Reginald friends the IT guy Maurice who is a 19yr old goth kid and he goes bowling with him and he is attacked by some people that come to see Maurice. Turns out those people are vampires and were summoning Maurice since he is actually over 2000 years old and is a vampire himself. Well Maurice makes a snap decision and turns Reginald who by the way hates being called Reggie, and our story takes off its all about the Vampire Nation trying to rid the vampire world of an unsightly according to them Reginald. Well turns out Reginald is a genius as a vampire one of the smartest there are if not the smartest because the fit cute vamps are usually not that smart. Turns out Maurice, Reginald and Nikki who ends up being Reginald’s other half defeat the council and Maurice becomes Deacon (ruler). This story continues to progress through the series you see Reginald character as well as others really grow as the books continue.

This series was such a different take than the Vampire setting and series that you normally see it wasn’t “Mainstream”or “Hollywood” at all and thats where the appeal of the series came in. It does start kind of slow but keep with it the books are great and quite entertaining. There are so many zingers in there that you will be constantly laughing. The series is full of Vampires, Angels, Incubi, and so much more it is action packed and the author does a great job detailing the settings and creating that connection between the characters and the reader.

Check it out when you have time!

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