The Silent Princess: By T. A. Grey

I am a huge fan of T.A. Grey, I have read every series and novel that she has written so I was quite excited to see her next book in The MacKellen Alphas series come out last week. If you haven’t read any of her books you really should take the time to grab one the first books are usually free you can start with this series or The Kategan Alphas (Breeding Cycle book 1) or Chains of Frost (The Bellum Sisters book 1) there are others but these are great to start with but be warned once you start you will not be able to stop!

The Silent Princess is about Hanna MacKellen who has been treated poorly by her current Mate (husband) and he really is a piece of work he lies, cheats, verbally and mentally abuses Hanna its just not a good situation at all. Well Hanna finally has enough and she divorces him and the story starts to progress from here Hanna starts to train with the Pack Soldiers and really decides to change who she is and become a strong independent woman. Well Hanna has grown up with Alex Thompson the motorcycle driving, leather wearing bad boy, who really is an amazing guy, and no matter how hard he tries he cannot seem to get Hanna out of his head. Honestly the connection that T.A. Grey conveys through her writing is absolutely brilliant you can really picture the involvement of the characters with each other not just Alex and Hanna but everyone in the story. By the way can you guess what his nickname for Hanna is…you got it Princess and it really is fitting for her just wait until you read the book you will see what I mean. Hanna starts to date after her divorce and ends up with a Prince named Remi and they go on a date that Alex is tasked to follow her on by her brother and Alpha of the Pack Gavin. Good thing he was told to follow her because Remi attacks her and Alex ends up saving her but not before she gets some good punches in and really defends herself from the jerk. Long story short Remi ends up dead by accident and Alex and Hanna are on Trial for Murder…

Yes exactly what I said Murder well our story gets really good here its all about them having to escape and try to find their way back to their pack alive. This story is full of drama, heartbreak, heat, passion, and a ton of action with some great shoot outs and an all around amazing story line. You will find yourself involved in this story and unable to stop reading T.A. Grey does a great job creating a connection with the characters and really allowing you to experience whats going through their minds.

I put the links to amazon below for the titles above plus this one so take some time and check them out you won’t be sorry T.A. Grey is an amazing author!