Unspoken Series: By: Gabbie S. Duran

I have been reading the Unspoken Series by Gabbie S. Duran for the last three days and it was absolutely one of the best series I have read. I mean honestly I am speechless that series was breathtaking. Unspoken is a riveting story about Abigail Adams who is a gorgeous supermodel who suffers a tragic accident that causes her to wake up from a coma with no memory of who she is. All she can remember is a phone number and dreams that she has of one man who turns out the be Matthew Garcia. Gabbie is an amazing author that does a great job of creating a connection between the reader and the characters in the series and you feel every range of motion from being happy or sad and frightened. Honestly I cannot praise this series enough I love the hispanic influences that are seen throughout the book the endearments that are used and especially the connections that you feel between the characters that seem to leap off of the page! I love that Gabbie’s passion for running is clear in this series, it is full of suspense, drama, action, and so much more. Do not miss this amazing series pick up Gabbie S. Durans Unspoken Series today!