The Bellum Sisters: By: T.A. Grey

I love the Bellum Sisters! This series was one of my fave’s by T.A. Grey I have read them several times and I still keep going back they are full of action, suspense, drama. They keep you on the edge of your seat T.A. Grey keeps you guessing what is coming next and just when you think you have figured it out she changes it up I absolutely could not put these books down. Don’t miss out on this series it is so good!

A little background before I get into a short description the first 3 books are about Chloe, Willow and Lily who are Francis Bellums daughters that are being left to protectors after their father dies and are going to become full succubi on their 29th birthday. The 4th book is about his other daughter Abbigail who is not a full succubus but she is a powerful witch. (This makes a difference in the books)

First book is Chains of Frost:
This book is about Chloe Bellum who finds herself left in the protection of Tyrian en Kulev who is a vampire commander after her father dies. This story is so steamy! Chloe is a succubus going through her new moon on her 29th year and I have to tell you that Tyrian didn’t stand a chance because Chloe is one amazing succubus! This story has so much action it is full of really hot vampires, demons, some amazing fight scenes and some pretty crazy twists and turns.

Second book is Bonds of Fire:
This book is about Willow Vellum who finds herself left in the protection of the really really HOT Alpha of the shapeshifter’s Lyonis Keelan. Williow seriously gives Lyonis a run for his money she is so incredibly feisty and he is so dominant that they make such a hot couple and for some incredibly passionate scenes throughout the book. This book has some intense action sequences in it with some demons some pretty awesome shapeshifting battles too! A must read!

Third book is Ties that Bind:
Ok the Third book is hands down my fave in the series its about Lily Bellum who is left in the protection of Telal Demuzi. Lily is so spunky she is very determined and she sets out to get her demon. Where in the other two books Chloe and Willow were originally running from their protectors Lily is trying to seduce hers and I have to say its honestly amazing! She is so quirky she invokes chaos and invades his personal space and honestly just makes it impossible for him to get away from her. This story is so incredibly amazing its hot and steamy and Lily is just my favorite sister!

Fourth book is The Fallen King:
The Fourth book is about Alrik the fallen king Telal Demuzi’s brother and Abbigail Krenshaw who is Chloe, Willow, and Lily’s half sister. I really like what T.A. Grey does with this story because she not only changes Alrik and shows the good in him but she teaches him how to love again. Abbigail is such a great woman and she goes on a journey in this book and finds herself and discovers how powerful she truly is and how much she can love and open up. Alrik and Abbigail make the perfect pair. I will say the scene with the queen and Abbigail had me holding my breath it was pretty intense.

Don’t miss this series it is really amazing!

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