“Four Week Fiance” Teaser By: J.S. Cooper



Hold on, Nonno.” I whispered. “I think someone is coming.
“Mila, where are you? You’re not in your room?” Nonno’s voice sounded alarmed and I bit my lower lip to stop from screaming as I heard a branch snapping. My heart was racing and I sat there in fear waiting to see who was coming. “Mila?” Nonno’s voice rose.
“Nonno, I’m here.” I whispered into the phone, covering the mouthpiece with my hand as I looked back and forth in the night sky. It was so dark that I couldn’t really see anything and that made it even worse.
“Why are you whispering?” He said. “What is going on?”
“Nonno, I…” I said and my heart stopped as I felt something on my back. “Arrrgghhh. Arrggh.” I screamed and jumped off, dropping my phone on the ground as I started to run.
“Mila, stop.” TJ’s smooth voice sounded amused as he called out to me and I stopped running, my heart dropping with embarrassment as my face heated up.
“TJ?” I said and I turned around to look back at him. “You scared the shit out of me.”
“I didn’t mean too.” He still sounded amused, though I couldn’t make his face out clearly to see the expression in his eyes.
“Uh huh.” I said and looked on the ground for my phone. “Nonno,” I said as I grabbed the phone up. “Are you still there?”
“Mila!” He sounded stern. “You scared me. What is going on? Should I come up and—”
“No, Nonno.” I said feeling guilty. “It was TJ. He snuck up behind me.”
“Your TJ.” He sounded happy.
“Nonno, you know that isn’t true.” I said, making sure I didn’t say anything that would make TJ suspicious. “I’ll call you later, okay?”
“Yes,” He said softly. “See you are not alone, Mila. Not now. Not ever. You’ll always have TJ.”
“I wish.” I sighed and hung up the phone and then jumped as I saw TJ in front of me. “How are you so stealthy?” I groaned. “I didn’t even see you walking towards me.”
“You were too busy on the phone.” He said, his eyes peering down at me. His skin seemed to radiate warmth in the moonlight and I longed to reach up, grab his hair and pull him down to kiss me.
“Yeah, I was.”
“Who were you talking to?” He asked, his tone slightly rough. “Troy?”
“No, I was talking to Nonno.” I said and tried not to roll my eyes as he brought up Troy. I wished I’d never mentioned him now. It seemed to me that he wasn’t going to let it go. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say about ‘the breakup’ that wasn’t going to make me look like a loser or a liar.
“Good.” He said softly and then was quiet. We stood there standing next to each other and were quiet as we stared out at the lake. It was eerily quiet now and I tried to concentrate on the reflection of the moon in the water instead of the feel of TJ’s arm as it rubbed against me gently.
“What are you thinking?” He said softly after a few minutes and I looked over at him. His eyes were bright and curious and I wondered what he was thinking as we stood there together.
“How strong you look.” I said stupidly as I stared at his muscles.
“Thanks for the compliment.” He grinned. “That’s a first.”
“And a last.” I laughed.
“Do you know why I’m strong, Mila?”
“No?” I shook my head, not sure where he was going.
“I’m strong so I can carry my lady from my car to the bed. I’m strong so that I can protect her when she’s scared, keep her warm when she’s cold, love her when she’s sad, and fuck her when she’s horny.” He grinned at my gasp and then flexed his bicep muscles at me. “These guns are about more than looks, Mila. These muscles are to keep my woman happy. These muscles are so I can hold her up when her legs are wrapped around me and her back’s against the wall. These muscles are to keep her up when I’m sliding into her with such force that she doesn’t think she can stay upright by herself anymore.”
“You’re gross.” I said, my face flushing at his words. All I could think about was when it would feel like to have him pushing me back against the wall and touching me, sliding into me. Ugh, I didn’t want to have these feelings.
“You don’t really think that.” He said with a self-assured grin.
“Yes, I do.”
“No, you don’t.” He said and he lightly touched the side of my face. My skin tingled under his fingertips and all I could think was oh shit, what does he know?
“I do.” I squeaked out and he laughed, a long lazy laugh, his eyes boring into mine with amusement.
“You know how I know you don’t think that?” He asked softly and leaned forward, his lips close to mine as he continued gazing at me.
“How?” I said and I swallowed hard as I felt his breath against me. If I leaned forward, even an inch, we would be kissing. OMG, I could be kissing TJ Walker if I wanted to, my heart was about to jump out of my chest as my brain screamed at me.

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