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I absolutely loved this series! I am not usually a huge fan of Stepbrother novels at all but I have to say Claire Adams did such a fantastic job of writing this series. Claire makes you feel so connected with each of the characters like your actually there with them going along with them on the journey, you feel their emotions happiness, anger, sadness, it’s truly fantastic. I also have to give props to Claire because this book isn’t like the norm and doesn’t start out like every other stepbrother book out there she stepped outside of the box thank heavens for that!

This book centers on Mia and Jaxon two college kids. Mia is literally “one of the guys” always hanging out with the frat boys she is into sports but when Jaxon, starts to show interest in her their friendship changes to something else. Little do these two know their world is going to change when their parents get married and thats when the real challenges begin. I have to say these two have a lot that are thrown at them in this story and it is a roller coaster ride of emotions the entire way. Mia is confused and these two fight their attraction to one another quite often but the chemistry between them is explosive and magnetic and stunning you can feel it, I mean it practically leaps off of the page. This is one incredibly hot and steamy not to mention sexy book I mean they are HOT and I mean it even I was turned on and I was reading them and seriously if my husband wasn’t currently stationed in another country at this point I wouldn’t have hesitated to jump him that’s the level of hot we are talking!

Are they going to be able to get past all of their family drama and have a relationship of their own? Well I say you pick up Claire Adams Stepbrother FML book and experience some of that hotness for yourself! Check it out and don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads List as well! It really was an amazing read!

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Mia has always been “one of the guys,” and with her friends in the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity it’s no different. But when one of the senior members of the frat, Jaxon, starts to pay more attention to her, she isn’t sure whether to go for the attractive and athletic guy or to just keep things the way they’ve always been. Her mind is made up when Jaxon makes a move–but then she’s thrown into confusion as he goes out of his way to ignore and snub her after they sleep together. Mia decides to move on with her life–right up until her mother announces her marriage, and introduces her to her new stepbrother… wow.

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