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Ashes Book 1

Leslie Johnson this book was sinfully delicious. I mean it was absolutely fantastic I was hooked from the beginning I could not put it down!!

Ashes Book 1 is a sinfully delicious an erotic story about Gage and Beth who we have seen previously, these characters have spun off of Leslie’s previous series Stoking Embers and I have to say they have spun off quite successfully. Gage our resident EMT\Fireman is one HOT Alpha male who is spending most of his time dating anyone who will give him a go and Beth is our resident RN who is dating everyone she can to try and forget about bad things that have happened in her past. The two of them are trying to just be Friends with Benefits but its clear they both like each other more than that and are just trying to fight it. This book is full of some amazingly funny scenes I mean some roll on the floor laughing scenes, there are also some intense dramatic scenes as well as some majorly emotional and incredibly hot and steamy sexually intense scenes in this book.

Leslie does an amazing job of building tension and chemistry between Gage and Beth both magnetic and sexual and the two of them are absolutely amazing together!

Ashes Book 2

Leslie Johnson is one of those writers that will shine brightly no matter what, her stories are always incredible its like a staring a one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s pantings sheer brilliance and wonder your awe struck just by reading it.

Ashes Book 2 picks up exactly where the first leaves off Gage and Beth have been hiking and Gage located the cave with the bodies and the police have been called. Now they are going through the investigation After the long day of going through the questions and finally going home these two spend the night together and things are actually looking good they get a connection and Beth opens up to Gage and its looking like there might be a relationship on the horizon. Um not so much our boy actually starts to pull away and you didn’t actually think things were going to go smoothly did you turns out that the bodies were an even bigger problem than we thought someone is now after Beth and possibly Gage as well. Is there anyway these two are even going to be able to survive much less start a relationship? Well we will have to wait and see in the next book because Leslie worked us up as readers in this one big time! This book is one major emotional rollercoaster, your going to get everything from happy to sad, to angry and some intense sexual moments and you will get really pissed and want to toss your e-reader a time or two I know I did. The book is incredible suspenseful and full of action from beginning to end Leslie does an amazing job of creating a connection with the characters and making it so easy for us as readers to fall in love with them its honestly an amazing read I couldn’t put it down.

Ashes Book 3

Wow…this is one incredible series Leslie Johnson you have outdone yourself I absolutely could not put this down from the moment I picked up my kindle and started reading. Not only is the story line absolutely impeccable but the suspense and level of emotions that have written and evoked into each and every book so far have been absolutely genius!

Ashes is Book 3 in the series and picks up where book two left us on that incredibly dramatic cliff hanger Beth is being kidnapped after witnessing Gage in a rather compromising position with another woman. Let me just say this story is full of some amazing action, drama, tons of suspense some hot and steamy sex scenes and one hell of an amazing story line. This book seriously leaves you with one major book hangover at the end because not only do you have a cliffhanger but you are seriously left with so many questions and wondering where in the world this story is going. Make sure you hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen because this book will take you on one heck of an amazing rollercoaster ride and as of now there is no telling where we are going to stop.

Ashes Book 4

Wow..This was a fantastic ending to an amazing series! Leslie Johnson you definitely raised the bar with the entire Ashes Series I was captivated the entire time!

Ashes Book 4 picks up exactly where book 3 leaves off Beth and Gage have so much to work through in this book. I will say this book is emotionally intense and it keeps you on the edge of your seat it is incredibly suspenseful and there are so many twists and turns that will have you shouting at your e-reader! Leslie Johnson does a great job developing the plot and characters in this series the book is fast paced and moves along quickly. You do feel connected with the characters so your emotions run incredibly high when you read this book so be prepared for that when you read it. This book was fantastic as was the entire series. I can’t wait to see what Leslie Johnson has for us next!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to download this series yet don’t wait any longer its amazing! You don’t know what your missing!

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She’s the wind. He’s the fire. Both are independent, hot headed, and strong. Neither want a relationship or to be tied down in any way. But outside forces have other ideas.

When Beth is confronted by an old demon, she can’t imagine the danger she’s in. She’s too stubborn to ask for help, but will she have a choice? How do they fight an evil that can’t be seen or understood?

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Leslie is a California native but recently moved to Arizona after a stint in Arkansas. She enjoys travel and being with friends.

She is an avid reader of many genres, but prefers romances with travel or thriller themes. She loves writing about strong women and strong men because the world needs both!

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