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Book One:

Timeless Passion is one of those books that will hook you right from the beginning!

Grant Christiansen is CEO of Timeless Timepieces and he is looking for someone that can give him new perspective on his marketing campaign for the new timepieces he is set to launch. Megan Sinclair is a graphic design student putting herself through school trying to make something of herself. Grant is one HOT Alpha Male and he is trying to get Megan to come and work for him and she is resisting Megan just wants to finish school. Her family really depends on her quite a bit she is the “reliable one” in the family.

I have to say I absolutely love the storyline KB Winters conceived with this series! The connection with Grant and Megan is amazing this book hooks you right from the beginning you can feel the passion and heat between the two of them right away. I’m really excited to see where this story goes its definitely shaping up to be another fantastic series by KB Winters. Its incredibly well written and she does a fantastic job of bringing you in as a reader and making you feel like your part of the story!

Book Two:

Wow…K.B. Winters Timeless Passion is seriously shaping up to be my all time favorite series of yours. It’s got the “WOW FACTOR” all over it and continues to get better as the series progresses!

Timeless Passion 2 picks up where the first leaves off we find out quite a bit more information about Megan and her family history. Grant really tries to step it up when it comes to his game and getting the girl this go round. Megan really is conflicted and she gets the crap end of the deal when it comes to her family, really Grant and Megan have this blazing chemistry and they are just perfect for each other. Except Megan is being incredibly pig headed and stubborn for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

This novella is full of emotion it will take you on an incredible roller coaster ride that you won’t want to get off of. The suspense is a slow build up and I really want to know where this is leading us. KB doesn’t end this one on a cliff she literally throws us readers off the darn thing and I really can’t wait until the next novella to see what happens!

Book Three:

Timeless Passion is another incredible hit from author KB Winters. This series was so intriguing I was hooked right from the beginning and unable to tear my eyes from the page.

This is the third and final installment in the series and it definitely heats up in this one. Megan and Grant have this amazing chemistry and have been going back and forth between jumping each other and arguing the entire series. Megan is so emotionally distraught in this book, as a reader you find yourself crying with her quite often. However she also makes some incredibly rash and irresponsible decisions that make you want to yell at her at the same time. You really fall in love with Grant and his character even more in this book than you do in the others. His softer side comes out and it is quite endearing. As a reader you are in for one incredible roller coaster ride and I will say it’s amazing. True to KB Winter’s fashion she turns up the heat and it gets hot and steamy and stays that way throughout a good portion of the book. When it isn’t the tension is there between Megan and Grant.

The ending felt a little rushed I was hoping for a little more. But overall the story was absolutely fantastic!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read this amazing series don’t miss your chance now it’s fantastic!







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