Review “Justice (Nola Zombie Series #4)” By: Gillian Zane


Gillian Zane
☆ Justice (Nola Zombie Series #4) ☆
Gillian Zane is one of those gifted authors that knows how to derive and evoke every kind of emotion imaginable from a reader. Justice does exactly that it brings every emotion imaginable to the surface from the moment you open your e-reader, and stays with you until the very end.

Gillian took all of the animosity and pent up rage that we’ve felt in this series so far and threw it all into Justice. These bikers were vicious, hateful, despicable humans, yet even during the lowest of times she was able to let a sliver of hope shine through. Gillian has created a world we’ve all feared in our deepest darkest dreams, she paints a picture so vivid it comes to life in your mind. Each scene seemingly more real, more intense than the next. Emotions running on high, fueled by adrenaline, hunger, fear. What will you do when the world as we know it comes to an end? When we have to embark on a new adventure into something completely unchartered.

Gillian’s ability to bring these doomsday, or end of the world questions to light add such life and fervor to her novel. Gillian Zane not only creates a world of utter chaos in which her characters are striving to create some semblance of order, she allows us as readers to feel as if we are truly along for the ride. During which time you feel every single emotion Rebel, Baby, Miranda and every other person in the book feels. Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hope. Gillian Zane delivers Justice swiftly to us gift wrapped with a nice little bow. Only is it truly Justice or prolonging the inevitable? That’s the question she plants into our minds. For that answer you’ll have to read and come to a conclusion on your own.

The chemistry you feel between Baby and Rebel is intense to say the least. I love the fact that these two characters are not your typical romance he’s not your Alpha Male except in the bedroom. Quite the contrary she’s our Alpha in the relationship which adds so much dynamic to this incredible story.

Gillian Zanes not only creates an intensely brilliant storyline she will have you questioning the very fabric of our existence.

Justice is the fourth book in the Nola Zombie Series and Zane’s most brilliant work to date.

If you haven’t added this to your TBR list today don’t waste another moment. It’s worth the read!
There is unfinished business for the S-Island survivors and it centers around Lakeview. The New Orleans’ neighborhood has been taken over by a sadistic group of bikers called the Southern Clan.
Hannah Klink, who everyone calls Baby no matter how many times she punches them, is training her fellow survivors to defend themselves and work as a unit. The goal is to take back the refugee base at Lakeview and put the Army back in charge. It’s a daunting task as the group runs into hordes of the dead and encounters resistance when they attack. It’s just another day in the life of Baby, MJ Security grunt and zombie apocalypse survivor…until she meets Rebel.
Rebel is an MC member by birth, but not by heart. By luck or bad karma he was home from college when the SHTF. Now he’s forced to be a part of the club’s ruthless plans for the sake of survival. The brothers know he’s not one of them, but he keeps his head low and his nose clean as much as possible. Until all hell breaks loose and Rebel is faced with a choice- loyalty to the club, or follow his gut and the cute blonde that likes to order him around.
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