Now Live “Biker Chicks: An Anthology of Hot MC Romance”



Biker Chicks: An Anthology of Hot MC Romance

Release Date: February 14th 2016



Bikers, the ultimate alpha males. But what of women who ride? These sexy independent road warriors shirk the conventions of lady-like behavior and live life by their own terms – wild and free.

BIKER CHICKS is full of sexy stories about women who ride, whether they be lone wolves or part of a gang. Some of the best authors in MC romance along with some new names and faces to the genre tell us how these strong women find the sexual satisfaction and romance we all long for, for one of the best causes.

All proceeds of this anthology go to Bikers Against Child Abuse, so come take a ride with us.

Authors in this Anthology include…

Barbi Barnard
Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins
Maria Lisa DeMora
A.J. Downey
Amo Jones
Colbie Kay
Ryan Kells
Emma Lee
Davida Lynn
Eric Plume
K. Renee
Bibi Rizer
Jennifer Rose


Fallen Halos  
When the male strippers at Hot Rods set off the smoke detector with their stupidity rather than by shaking their money makers, it’s up to the newest Fallen Halos MC recruit to figure out how to fix it. There are some perks to working around a bunch of male strippers.

Barbi Barnard
Thank you for reading my entry to the Biker Chicks for B.A.C.A. If you enjoy it and would like to see more of these characters visit the Amazon store to purchase the Mercy’s Angels series and later in the New Year you may find the Fallen Halos.

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Luca is fiercely protective of her private dancer, leading to a rather interesting foray on a relatively new invention: A steam powered iron horse bicycle thing they’re calling a motorcycle.

Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins
Jeffrey Cook lives in Maple Valley, Washington, with his wife and three large dogs. He was born in Boulder, Colorado, but has lived all over the United States. He’s the author of the Dawn of Steam trilogy of alternate-history/emergent Steampunk epistolary novels and of the YA Sci-fi thriller Mina Cortez: From Bouquets to Bullets. He is a founding contributing author of Writerpunk Press and has also contributed to a number of role-playing game books for Deep7 Press out of Seattle. When not reading, researching, or writing, Jeffrey enjoys role-playing games and watching football.

Katherine Perkins lives in Coralville, Iowa, with her husband and one extremely skittish cat. She is the editor of the Dawn of Steam series and serves as Jeff’s co-author of multiple novellas for the charity anthologies of Writerpunk Press and of Luca/Emily short stories in various publications. When not reading, researching, writing, or editing, Kate tries to remember what she was supposed to be doing.




Biker Chick Campout
Carmela just wanted a trip with the girls, but oh my god – Hurley. Will she be able to resist the hot prospect along for the ride?

MariaLisa DeMora
Raised in the south, MariaLisa learned about the magic of books at an early age. Every summer, with the help of a gracious librarian who did not believe in age-restricted stacks, she would spend hours in the local library, devouring books of every genre. Self-described as a book-a-holic, she says “I always loved to read, then I discovered writing, and I adored that, too. For reading … if nothing else is available, I’ve been known to read the back of the cereal box.” She still reads voraciously, and always has a few books going in paperback, hardback, or on devices.


The Spark

Dreamer is headed home for the holidays when a chance encounter with a stranger in distress sparks a passionate exchange she won’t soon forget.

  A.J. Downey

A.J. Downey is a born and raised Seattle, WA native, and the author of the bestselling Sacred Hearts Motorcycle Club series. She finds inspiration from her surroundings, through the people she meets and likely as a byproduct of way too much caffeine. She has lived many places and done many things, though mostly through her own imagination. An avid reader all of her life, it’s now her turn to try and give back, entertaining as she has been entertained.
You can find her:
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Riding With Fire
Tragedy and loss make for rash decisions. Will the worst time of her life lead to some of the best in the form of one seriously hot Fire Marshall?

Amo Jones

A little bit about me. I am the mama bear to four little kiddos, two girls, and two boys. I’m also a wife-to-be to my partner of ten years. We were high school sweethearts, without the high school. My little (big) family are my rock, and I’m so lucky to have them with me through it all.I am from New Zealand! Born and raised in a small town called Rotorua. It’s a beautiful city, just smells a little. I’m currently living in Australia on the Whitsunday Coast (Great Barrier Reef) where we hope to settle down for a long time. I love the beach, and margaritas, and wine. Don’t forget the wine. Chinese food is the best food. One day I hope to travel the world, preferably the US, because I’m obsessed with it. I would travel now, but my bank account is like…“Dude, no.” So I’ve put that in the goal bucket. I love all my beautiful readers, you have kept me going. You’re my inspiration to keep writing, with all your kind words and reviews. You are all amazing, and I write for you. That’s enough yappin’ from me. See you all in Wonderland. x
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Lele’s Revenge
She’s been dreaming of retribution ever since she got locked up. Now it’s time to extract that revenge right out of Ranger’s smokin’ hot hide.
Colbie Kay
I live in a small town in Kansas with my husband and son. I work in a nursing facility, but when I am not doing that I am at home either writing or reading. I was an avid reader before I started working on my first book and I still like to sit down with a good book when I’m not working on my next project. I had the support of family and friends to start writing, in March of 2015 I released City Lights.


Ride With Death
They say that when you ride, you ride with Death beside you… Never has it been more true than in the peculiar case of Danielle Greene.
Ryan Kells