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KB Winters and Evie Monroe truly come up with some amazing storylines. Knight Moves is absolutely fantastic. This isn’t your typical Navy Seal Romance and that’s exactly what I love about it. They’re defying the norm and giving us something completely different.

Volume 1 we meet Ryker Newman a Navy Seal who has spent the last year over seas and is now in Vegas blowing off some steam. Or is he? There’s quite a bit of mystery shrouding this incredibly hot alpha male. The only things we know for certain is he’s a luscious Navy Seal that has some gentlemanly manners and knows how to treat a lady.

Everlie Harmon is defying the odds. Going against her upbringing she’s fighting for her place to becoming one of the great dancers of all time. She may seem naive but she knows what she wants and won’t let anything stand in her way. However when Ryker Newman crosses her path she has a hard time resisting temptation. I must say these two have that over the top magnetic chemistry and I love the pull that they have. It makes for a wonderful read. I’m not loving the roommate though. I’m not sure what her deal is. Something seems a little off about her. I’m sure all will be revealed as the story continues.

Volume Two:

Wow! This volume was amazing. The level of emotion evoked in this novella was fantastic. I really enjoyed the detail to the storyline. The small things that were added in bring the reader along on the journey really help you to feel what the characters are going through. Evie and Ryker have this incredible connection and Evie fought it so hard only to have her walls broken down and let him in. And just when you think things are going to work out and they are going to have this amazing go of it… Ryker’s past catches up with them and things change.

This book is so full of drama, suspense, emotion it’s like a non-stop roller coaster ride that you don’t want to ever get off of.

Volume Three:

Wow… With each new installment KB Winters and Evie Monroe continue to ramp up the drama and intrigue with this series. And it’s utterly thrilling. The sheer brilliance behind Knight Moves is so incredible that you can’t help but be drawn into the storyline hook, line and sinker.

Ryker and Evie are so incredible together and have been put through so much that you have such high hopes that they’ll just be able to get past it all and find that happy place. Then at the last moment something happens and shatters all of your dreams leaving you a shell of a reader. Wondering where will I go next and how long will I have to wait to find out what happens. Honestly, the intense emotions these two authors draw out from you in this series is nothing less than incredible. This volume is full of suspense, drama, intrigue some incredibly hot and passionate intimate scenes that will leave you in need of a very cold shower once everything is said and done. It’s been an incredible ride so far and I can’t wait to see where these two amazing ladies take us next.

Volume Four:

This is one incredible series that has kept me on the edge of my seat. Evie and Ryker had moved on and gone their separate ways. Ryker left and went back to Oklahoma and Evie took the lead ballerina position in a show in Vegas. Things happen and they end up together once again and Evie is questioning her decision to take the position or whether she should just move on and go in a different direction all together.

This volume is incredible it’s full of drama, action suspense, angst, emotion. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I have to say at the end of this volume I was so sad that there wasn’t more! I can’t wait until the next one comes out. This is one of those series you don’t want to miss.

Volume Five:

Wow. This is one incredible ending to a fantastic series. KB Winters and Evie Monroe never fail to surprise me at each and every turn.

Evie has some incredibly difficult decisions to make in this final book. Despite everything that’s being going on she is still feeling as lost as ever. Her heart is being torn in two, unable to decide which direction to go.

Ryker is torn devastated to have lost the woman of his dreams. He let her go to follow her own and what has that gotten him but an empty home and a broken heart. Yet despite it all he still wants her. This book is so full of angst, drama, suspense and some crazy twists and turns. These two MC’s really have you feeling each and every emotion they are going through. The brilliance of the two authors is incredible. These ladies have made sure that you’re not only lusting after Ryker and his magnificent manhood, but feeling for him at each and every turn.

This is one series you don’t want to miss.


Everlie Harmon was brought up to be a trophy wife, but instead of settling down and starting a family like she was told—she let her love of ballet take her all the way to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. She teaches ballet to underprivileged children to pay the bills while auditioning relentlessly for her chance of having her name in the bright Vegas lights.

Despite her booked schedule, her roommate Tori convinces her to go out on a blind date, and Everlie finds herself tangled up with the irresistibly intense Navy SEAL, Ryker Knight.

After spending years ping-ponging around the world and leading the charge in top secret missions, Ryker is stateside and just when he starts itching for his heart pounding life in the battlefield, he meets Everlie. Her appearance in his life makes him question everything he ever thought he’d wanted.

Ryker’s past catches up to him all too quickly, throwing Everlie into a complicated web of secrets and lies. Will Ryker be able to show her the truth and win her trust before it’s too late? Or will Everlie decide the sexy SEAL’s secret endeavors are too complex and throw it all away before they even get a chance to start?


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KB Winters

KB Winters is the author of the brand new Billionaire Romance Series, Plush. She has an addiction to caffeine and hard-bodied alpha males. The men in her books are very sexy, protective and sometimes bossy, her ladies are…well…bossier!

Living in sunny Southern California, this hopeless romantic writes every chance she gets!



Evie Monroe

Evie Monroe also lives in Southern California and when KB asked her to co-author her next books, Evie was ecstatic! Together, they’ve penned their first collaboration, Temporary Assignment, and have other exciting titles on the way!